1.  reporting verb Give particular emphasis or importance to (a point, statement, or idea) made in speech or writing.

[with object] ‘they stressed the need for reform’
[with clause] ‘she was anxious to stress that her daughter’s safety was her only concern’
[with direct speech] ‘‘I want it done very, very neatly,’ she stressed’

1.1 [with object] Give emphasis to (a syllable or word) when pronouncing it.
‘in French, the last syllable is usually stressed’

2.  [with object] Subject to pressure or tension.

‘this type of workout does stress the shoulder and knee joints’

3.  [with object] Cause mental or emotional strain or tension in.

‘I avoid many of the things that used to stress me before’

3.1 [informal]no object Become tense or anxious; worry.
‘don’t stress—there’s plenty of time to get a grip on the situation’

(Noun definition coming soon…]

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